Highdivers (2000)

ZEBRA  (2000)
ZEBRA features fake fur.

Spitzenwinkel  (2010)
This collage combines photographies of triangular urban, mostly architectural elements with genuine lace fabric. The title reflects the German name of this type of fabric; Spitze.

I E I A I N I R I F I I I D I   (Collage / Installation, 2010)

left: EAN (European Article Number)
RFIDright: (Radio Frequency Identification)
paper, foil, microchip, electronic board, door bell with photo sensor

EAN-Codes and RFID-Chips are a techniques of passage – a passage control of things and humans. The “Internet of Things” knows who, when, what, where and how much is consumed, produced or used. The treshold between logisitics and the consumption sector is at the same time the treshold of conscience ➞ anti-theft (signal red).
The shape of the twin collage depicts the security devices you pass when you enter a shop, a library or other public institutions which protect themselves against theft.

Cigarette Flag  (2013)

red cigarette: Wherever particular people congregate 
white cigarette: You create the moment, we add the flavour 
blue cigarette: Enjoy your moment 

Tryptich made from cigarette packages true to scale and according the colours
of the Union Jack.

Brushes (2000)