When in 2012 the British band Duran Duran introduced their new section called Duran Spotting I started right off with my personal collection. Since then my collection runs up to over 650 images (January 2022). The official gallery of Duran Duran spottings contains ca. 535 images (December 2021).
I contributed some Duran Spottings to the official gallery but here on my website you find ALL of my spottings. Browse the DD Index in the sidebar.
You will find a few screenshots in the official Duran Spotting gallery therefore those spottings by me are also valid finds.

What is „Spotting“ ?
The origin of „spotting“ particular things predicates on watching transportation vehicles like trains, ships, aircrafts, busses. A further example is „whale watching“.
Next to common fandom the interests of watching the above mentioned traffic activities can be nostalgia, a fondness for large machinery or an appeal of the scenery.
Duran Spotting does NOT aim directly to the subjects itself; the band members. Instead Duran spotters look for things which relate to the bands‘ albums, song titles, the names of the band members, side projects etc.

Duran Spotting is a type of snapshot photography.
The characteristics of snapshots are:
1) they are made with a hand-held camera and
2) they are made by ordinary people
Therefore snapshot photography can be understood as an oppositional photography – outside the history of technology and art.

Photo Editing
The advantage of Duran Spotting in comparison to other spotting disciplines is that photo editing in the meaning of retouching is not necessary.
Example: railway enthusiasts remove modern technique features from their photographies because these things interfere the images of an ancient steaming locomotives.