Helmut Schmidt

Book cover (2022)
A fictive dust cover for a biography of former chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
The dust cover features two less known corporate colours by the German party SPD:
cyan blue and purple. The typical features of Helmut Schmidt were included: the cigarette and the Prince Henry Cap.

The book cover trends of 2022 aren’t “[…] so much a style as an attitude informed by the bold, playful approaches of modern and postmodern art. […] you might find jarring mixtures of styles and techniques or contrasts between white space and primary colors.” *

fold-in page (Prince Henry Cap), back, cover, fold-in page (about the author)

* 99designs Pty Ltd by Vista, the global creative platform, Melbourne, Australia


Flyer (2022)
A fictive leaflet for the coffee roasting house TOURK.
The leaflet is designed with two colours only (Duplex).

back (left) and cover (right), inner pages

Flyer (2022)
A fictive leaflet for the brand AXOR by hansgrohe.

back (left) and cover (right)

inner pages


Flyer & Business Card (2021)

Fein Raus Praxis

Business stationery, selection (2020)

DEG 1971 e.V.

Leaflet (2016)
Designed for the Anglo-German Association, Braunschweig (DEG 1971 e.V.)

Favicon for the DEG
The colours correspond with those of the national banner (Union Jack) of the UK.